You are at Hyderabad Teen Who Was Gang-Raped, Filmed

Hyderabad Teen Who Was Gang-Raped, Filmed

Hyderabad Teen Who Was Gang-Raped, Filmed
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She was with her fiance at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Hyderabad when a group of seven men broke in for an attempted robbery. The security guard was beaten up. So was her fiance, the son of a businessman.

Her captors then pulled out a snake to ensure the 18-year-old didn't fight back while four of them took turns to rape her. They also filmed the sexual assault, threatening to release it online if she reported them to the police.

The gang then escaped with Rs. 60,000 in cash and other valuables.

That was on July 31.

The teen decided to file a police case after investigators assured her that her identity would be protected.

Three weeks after the egregious assault, the seven alleged rapists have been arrested along with two men who reportedly helped them remain underground.

The police say the gang often pulled the snake on victims to terrorize them into handing over cash. They also conducted kangaroo courts, settling land disputes while demanding huge commissions.

“What we understand is that they have indulged in several crimes of similar nature in this Pahadishareef area. If more people come forward and complain, we can register more cases,” said R Sudershan, a senior police officer handling the case.

The gangsters had filmed the kangaroo courts they held and these have been seized from their cellphones and will be used as evidence against them.

The main accused, Faisal Dayyani, is said to have the backing of some political leaders and had tried to bribe a police inspector not to register the gang-rape case. The inspector has been transferred.

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