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Apology To Anitha, Not To Chandrababu!

YSR Congress party MLA R K Roja has decided to appear before the Privileges Committee on Monday to present her argument on the alleged comments she had made against Telugu Desam Party MLA from Payakaraopeta Anitha and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. She has indicated, albeit indirectly, that she may tender apology to Anitha, though she would try to defend herself before the committee. “She is expected to express her regrets if Anitha was hurt by her comments, though she did not mean hurting her,” sources close to her said.

Roja clarified to the media on Friday that she had no personal rivalry with the Dalit MLA. In fact, she advised Anitha to be wary of Chandrababu Naidu, who was trying to attack her (Roja) by using her. “I don't know what special interest Naidu has in Anitha. She came out with allegations against me only after three days of my suspension from the House. Apparently, Naidu tried to use her against me; as he had used me during his earlier regime before 2009 to attack Chiranjeevi and YSR,” she said.

Sources said Roja, however, would not tender any apology to the Chief Minister, as she had not uttered anything wrong. “I was only raising the Call Money sex racket issue and referred to Naidu as CAMA CM, in reference to the Call Money racket. Even Eenadu paper used the word “Kama racket.” What was wrong in my comment?” she argued.

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