You are at Revanth Reddy : I'll be the CM of Telangana!

Revanth Reddy : I'll be the CM of Telangana!

Well, when people are already in throne where is the question of others getting into the seat? But, yes there are still lot many people who have pinned hope on the next elections and Senior TDP leader and Kodangal MLA Revanth Reddy is one among them. 

He has been the fire brand from TDP who is still proposing to be the strongest opposition in Telangana in the present situation. It seems he is likely to become the CM of Telangana after the 2019 elections. But Babu promised a BC leader as the CM candidate! Will Revanth get a chance? 

Leaving it behind, let's know what actually Revanth has got to say. Revanth says "I'll be the CM of Telangana after 2019 elections. It has been revealed in recently conducted survey. The survey stated that I'm the strongest leader of Telangana after Chenna Reddy and said I've fair chances to become CM."

Revanth also predicted "The survey said that TDP will get clear mandate in the elections as people are vexed with TRS and KCR."KCR is incapable CM. In fact, Chandrababu Naidu has fairly reacted on the issues of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and did his best." So,what do you think? Will this survey give any kind of boost to TDP? Does the survey really matter?

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