You are at JP : Babu Call is Dangerous

JP : Babu Call is Dangerous

JP lashes out at Chandrababu

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu appealed people not to bother about family planning and plan more children so that the state would have more youth than aged. He opined AP has more aged people than youth just alike Japan and this is a serious sign.

Lok Satta chief Jayaprakash Narayan lambasted the TDP Supremo terming his statement as irresponsible and dangerous. "CBN's call to young couples to have more children is outrageous. AP's birth rate is 17.5, & population is growing at 1% PA. Encouraging people to have more children is irresponsible & dangerous. Saakshi Maharajs & CBNs, whatever be their motives, harm India," opines the former IAS.

"India's population is 1.3 billion, & growing at 1.5%. We are still adding 20 million people every year. We have 2.5% global land mass, but 18% population. We have world's largest mass of young adults, mostly unskilled & poorly educated. If we don't give education, skills & full employment, we will end up with a demographic nightmare! To talk of multiplying our numbers is plain crazy & suicidal," he adds.

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