You are at LIVE: After midnight drama at HCU, Rahul Gandhi to...

LIVE: After midnight drama at HCU, Rahul Gandhi to sit on hunger strike

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Friday night reached Hyderabad Central University (HCU) to participate in a candlelight protest march by the students over Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula's suicide issue. He will sit on hunger strike on Saturday. Here are the latest updates:-

07:38 AM
We four (who were suspended) are sitting on indefinite hunger strike, will continue our fight till we get justice: Protester at Hyderabad University

07:28 AM
Amid continuing protests, security tightened at Hyderabad University; checks being conducted to avoid any untoward incident

07:08 AM
About 2,000 students had organised the candle light march on Friday night and vowed to participate in hunger strike too in the campus on Vemula's birthday on Saturday.

06:22 AM
According to a student protesting at HCU over Rohith Vemula'suicide, the mass hunger strike is expected to begin around 7 AM; Rahul Gandhi to remain present

06:00 AM
Three of the students including two research scholars who were earlier suspended, sat on fast unto death demanding the fulfilment of their demands such as sacking and arresting of V-C Appa Rao Podile.

05:46 AM
National Students Union of India (NHUI) National president Roji M John said, Rahul Gandhi will sit in the hunger strike from 6 am to 6pm on Saturday.

04:58 AM
A member of joint action committee for social justice (University of Hyderabad) said Rahul Gandhi will be joining the hunger strike movement from 6am on Saturday

04:39 AM
Rahul Gandhi will address the protesting students prior to launch of mass hunger strike on Saturday morning at 6 AM

02:52 AM
Rahul Gandhi will rejoin the protesting students at Hyderabad University Campus at 6 AM on Saturday

02:47 AM
Rohith's Vemula brother has also joined the protest march

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