You are at Rs. 8.5 lakh to own a fancy number ?

Rs. 8.5 lakh to own a fancy number ?

Craze for Fancy Number Plates is increasing day by day. Fancy numbers attract not only commoners but also celebrities. Bigwigs pay a bomb to own fancy numbers. 

According to the latest LD.Middal Chairman of Sonalika Group paid a whopping Rs. 8.5 lakh to own a fancy number in a public auction. Chandigarh Registering and Licensing Authority (RLA) office auctioned a fancy number 0001 of the newly launched CH-01-AZ series.

Now Mittal became the proud owner of the special number place for a new Mercedes S series car at International Tractors Ltd, flagship of  Sonalika Group. 

Mittal entered Forbes Billionaire list for the first time early this year. His networth is at  $1.1 billion in March according to Forbes.

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