You are at Blue Film CDs Found In the City!

Blue Film CDs Found In the City!

In an unprecedented incident, police have found 10000 porn CDs in Koyambedu bus stand in Chennai. Police are suspecting that the CDs have been transported from Andhra Pradesh. 

It all happen when Tamil Nadu police found two large suitcases unaccompanied on the 5V platform of Koyambedu Bus Depot. Acting on it, Deputy Commissioner Mohan Raj and his team had visited the spot and recovered the suitcases. When cops opened it, they found as many as CDs without covers. After preliminary enquiry, they confirmed that the CDs contain porn content.

Of late, cops have raised security in bus depots in Chennai. Perhaps, culprits have fled the spot seeing security in bus depot. A probe has been launched on the incident.

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