You are at College Students In red-sandal smuggling?

College Students In red-sandal smuggling?

Karnataka based red-sandal smuggling mafia's don Chota Bhai has extended his presence into the two Telugu states too. While his men are chopping sandalwood trees in Nallamala forest of Andhra Pradesh, engineering college students of Hyderabad are acting as couriers to transport the sandal from city to Karnataka border.

On their routine frisking, Hyderabad police laid their eyes on stolen cars but a luxury car has thrown them a big surprise. A couple of students belonging to CMR Engineering College in Medchal, Hyderabad are caught smuggling red-sandal pieces in the trunk of their swanky sedan. Upon quizzing, these students revealed that they work for Karnataka based notorious smuggler Chota Bhai.

It is really sad that even students are involving in smuggling acts and trying to fool police by using luxury vehicles which are generally not stopped by police as they will have all relevant documents. Hyderabad police are investigating the issue.

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