You are at Rs.15,000 fine for drunken driving ?

Rs.15,000 fine for drunken driving ?

The new draft Road Transport and Safety Bill, 2014 unveiled by the road Union transport ministry plans hiking penalties three-to-50-fold on the American policing pattern.

It also entails a jail term for 1-7 years for all traffic crimes ranging from red light jumping, drunken driving and road raze deaths.

- Rs. 3-lakh fine and not less than seven years in jail for causing the death of a child.

- Over speeding (above 40 kms) invites a fine of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 12,500, (now only 400-1,000).

- Rs. 5 lakh in penalty and three months in jail for a manufacturing fault in a vehicle.

- Rs.1-lakh fine for driving an unregistered vehicle.

- Drunken driving entails Rs.15000 fine or jail for 2 year (presently only Rs. 400-1000)
  The penalty for school bus drivers - Rs. 50,000 in fine and a three-year jail sentence.

- Jumping a red lights Rs 5,000-15,000 in fine and one-month license suspension.

- Rs. 5,000 for not wearing a seat belt or helmet.

India has one of the highest road fatalities in the world with 137,576 deaths reported last year. In the same period, Delhi recorded 7,566 accidents that killed 1,820 people.

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