You are at Chandrababu's capital headache

Chandrababu's capital headache

The ongoing issues of new capital has become a major headache for Chandrababu as the report submitted by Sivaramakrishnan committee has gone against the AP government's preferred choice. 

The committee constituted by the Union Government to suggest the place to build the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, has opposed the setting up of the capital between Vijayawada- Guntur region. The committee opined the capital could be between Marturu and Vinukonda.

This has shattered the dreams of Chandrababu who is in favor for Vijayawada-Guntur region for building the capital.
With TDP leaders preferring to locate the new capital in Vijayawada, land prices here have tripled in less than three months. 
Now, the report also came as a rude shock to a powerful social group in this region as they purchased the huge parcels of land after TDP leaders hinted that the capital would be built near Vijayawada. There are some people who bought lands by mortgaging wife's ornaments.
According to reliable sources, several celebrities from the film industry and politics have also bought hundreds of acres of lands despite the price rise. Now, with the negative report these sections are seething with anger. 
The committee listed out various negative points on building the capital between Guntur and Vijayawada. Chiefly it said that the land here is fertile and the prices are too high. 
Angered over the committee report, Chandrababu is said to have asked his cabinet ministers, Narayana, in particular, to convince Sivaramakrishnan Committee members to give positive feedback on Vijayawada. His anger was wide open when he slammed media when questioned him on the capital location. 
"Speak to the Committee members and make them to come up with another report which has no negative remarks against Vijayawada-Guntur region," he reportedly said. A strom alredy brewing between several TDP ministers in the state and even the top BJP leaders also have differing views on the location of the capital city. 
If the Centre goes ahead with the Committee reports, it would be a major set back to Chandrababu. 
The talk in the TDP circles is that Chandrababu is now in catch-22 like situation and has intensified lobbying with the Centre.

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