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Chandrababu Naidu Focus On AP Capital Region

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The forced bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh may well be a bitter chapter in history but now it is time to keep all that aside and look forward. The state of Andhra Pradesh is now being led by the hitech Chanakya Chandrababu Naidu and he has been moving heaven and earth to create the new capital for AP.

In that process, Naidu has been sharing his vision and he wants to come up with a capital that is better and far more developed and advanced than Hyderabad. The AP Government's collaboration with Singapore authorities and the large land pooling exercise are indicators of that. But the critics are also having an observation.

Naidu lost his power in united AP due to the main reason that his entire focus was on Hyderabad and not the other parts of the state. So, he must ensure that he doesn't repeat the same mistake and focus on decentralization because AP has enough potential to be developed in all regions. Let us see what the master strategist will do about it.

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