You are at Vijayawada Cp Gautam Sawang Cancelled His Leave

Vijayawada Cp Gautam Sawang Cancelled His Leave


In the wake of call money scam Vijayawada CP Gautam Sawang's leave creates suspicion. Opposition parties alleged that Sawang is being sent on leave to protect the TDP leaders who are involved in the call money case.

Andhra Pradesh DGP JV Ramudu said that there was no link between call money racket case and leave of Sawang.Ramudu says Sawang had applied for leave a month ago and his leave is not linked to the case. But it didn't stopped the opposition to make allegations.Now in a sudden surprise Gautam Sawang who went on leave on Tuesday cancelled the festival break and joined duties on Wednesday

Sawang spoke to media and said in view of the ongoing investigations in liquor case and call money scam, he wanted to re-join duty. Sawang wrote to the state DGP JV Ramudu and requested about the cancellation of his leave. "There was no political reason for my leave. I had applied for a leave some two months. Every Christmas I spend time with family in Australia along with friends. But in view of the seriousness of the situation in Vijayawada, I am staying back" Sawang said.

Gautam Sawang is the man behind the exposure of Call Money scam and he is reportedly working to bring all the accused to book.

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