You are at Telangana EAMCET for AP Students Also!

Telangana EAMCET for AP Students Also!

Telangana Wants to Conduct EAMCET for AP

The latest twist in the tale is that Telangana state government has offered to conduct common EAMCET for both the states of AP and Telangana. Telangana, which has been vehemently opposing AP's proposal to conduct join entrance test for the students of AP and Telangana right from the beginning, did a big volte face and agreed to conduct joint test. But the condition is that it wants to conduct the common EAMCET on its own with the support of Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE). However, it proposed to induct a representative from AP in the admissions committee to oversee the test and admissions. As per the proposal from T-government, JNTU Hyderabad would contest this common EAMCET.

Telangana categorically stated that Eamcet would be conducted by TSCHE and, if agreed AP could take part in the exam and consider it as common test. "The government of Telangana, therefore, shall conduct EAMCET, 2015 and offer this facility of common test to Andhra Pradesh state also," Telangana Chief Secretary Dr Rajiv Sharma stated in the order. AP Students could join the educational institutions in Telangana under 15 per cent quota and the admission process could be overseen by a representative of AP.

A Representative of Andhra Pradesh shall be included as a Member in the Admissions Committee under the chairman nominated by the Government of Telangana for the conduct of Eamcet-2015 in the territory of Andhra Pradesh," said the GO.

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