You are at KCR Comments About Govt Jobs in TS Assembly

KCR Comments About Govt Jobs in TS Assembly

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Tuesday made some very interesting comments in the state assembly. Have a look at them...

i) Don't ruin your (Youth) lives by dreaming of bagging a Government Job. Never promised to offer 1 job per family and it can't be done in reality as the requirement would be 1 crore jobs. Even Centre can't do it! 1 lakh people will be hired for Government jobs after Kamalanathan Committee completes the division of employees.

ii) Prepared the State Budget after consulting Economic Experts. Expected valuable inputs from Opposition, but received none. So far, Discussion on any subject wasn't in a satisfactory manner. We are ready to answer any valid question raised by the Opposition and willing to continue the discussion till midnight if they cooperate.

iii) I haven't gone to China for a vacation. My tour was solely meant for drawing investments for development of the state.

iv) If irrigation water was provided for 1 crore acres, Telangana will be full of greenery. Dream of Golden Telangana is possible only if projects are completed. Mission Bhageeratha is aimed at providing water to every nook and corner in the state.

v) We can't be at loggerheads with neighboring states (AP - Irrigation Projects/Water Allocation) all the time and issues should be solved in an amicable manner.

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