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Subramanian Swamy Suspects Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor knows who killed his wife

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy once again made allegations on Shashi tharoor.Swamy on Tuesday  alleged that Sunanda Pushkar was killed in a professional way.

Swamy further said that Shashi Tharoor knew about his wife Sunanda Pushkar's killer and blamed congress party for covering the case."Tharoor did not kill her, but he knows who killed her.. He is telling lies and  trying to cover his faults" Swamy told .

Swamy further mentioned about Tharoor’s role in IPL scandal and requested police to interrogate Tharoor. Swamy added that Tharoor must be subjected to custodial interrogation. Earlier Swamy alleged that Tharoor spent three nights with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar in Dubai at the time when he was serving as India's union minister.

Now giving strength to his rumors a photo of Tharror and Tarar was identified by cops.Meanwhile Sunanda’s friend and Journalist Nalini Singh has revealed that Pushkar was upset about the relations between Tharoor and Mehr Tarar. Police officials saying that there was a chance to interrogate Taraar in theis matter.

Its known that Sunanda Pushkar was found dead a year ago at a five-star hotel in Delhi after publicly accusing Tharoor of having an extra-marital affair with a Pakistani journalist.

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