You are at KCR Doesn't Know What BP and Sugar Mean!

KCR Doesn't Know What BP and Sugar Mean!

No doctor needed for KCR from 52 years

Of Late Telangana Chief Minister KCR is giving Goosebumps to common people by revealing strange and unbelievable things.

Its known that K.Chandrasekhar Rao  recently visited Singapoere and all got wondered by knowing that it was his first ever foreign trip in his life.He never visited any foreign country in his life. Infact, he did not have passport till he become the chief minister. Now the Telangana Crusader revealed another stunner by saying he has not visited any doctor from last 52 years.

Telangana Chief Minsiter today inaugurated Star Hospital’s Institute of Neuro Sciences and Centre for Joint Replacement and he spent sometime with the hospital staff and some medical officials .Speaking on the occasion he stunned all by  revealing that he had not visited a doctor for any ailment for 52 years.

While addressing the gathering he revealed how health conscious and fitness freak he is.‘’From past 52 years I have not visited any doctor.Not even for checking blood pressure’’said KCR adding that he led a tension-free life all the time.Some doctors  had questioned him whether he was a diabetic but KCR replied saying that he  had no idea what it is.

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