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Caught On Camera: Brave Boy Fights with Dog to Save his Sister

Ten-year-old Kashish Dhanani is nursing cuts and bruises from fighting off a ferocious German shepherd that attacked his 15-month-old sister Kanchi. Though a little shaken by the attack, the class 5 student is every bit the big brother. "My first instinct was to ensure her safety. I don't think I was even thinking about my safety at the time," Kashish said. The youngster battled the dog for 10 minutes before his mother and passers-by came and rescued him and his sister. Miraculously, the toddler whom the dog attacked and even dragged around for some time did not suffer any injury.

The sequence of the attack captured by the society's CCTV camera shows Kashish and Kanchi, residents of Anaahata Flats in Makarba, playing in their society's garden when the dog that was being supervised by an elderly woman went after the toddler. Kashish instinctively lifted his sister in his arms and moved out of the dog's way, hoping that getting Kanchi out of the canine's sight would be enough to ensure her safety. But the dog which belongs to Arun Pasi, who lives on the fifth floor in the same block, was not to be distracted. It went after Kanchi with a vengeance.

Pasi's mother who was supervising the dog tried to call him back but to no avail. Recounting the horror, the children's mother Kamini said, "My children usually go to the garden to play. Since the society has a security guard and it is safe, I let them go on their own. On December 23, I heard Kashish's shout for help and looked out of our balcony on the eighth floor which faces the garden. "To my horror, I found a giant dog chasing my children. I saw Kashish trying to lift Kanchi to safety but the canine relentlessly chased them. The dog jumped on Kashish making him lose balance and tried to drag Kanchi away.

Even before I could react, I saw the dog get hold of Kanchi's pants and drag her out of Kashish's hand. It dragged her on the garden lawn like a rag doll." Unfortunately for the children, the guard who is usually posted at the society's entrance had taken a washroom break at the time of the attack. Paralysed with fear for a few seconds, Kamini started running towards the elevator to reach to her kids before realising that the lifts were closed for maintenance. She rushed back to the balcony and started shouting for help. "Passers-by on the road heard me shout and rushed in to help my children. The guard also returned by the time and together, they rescued my children from the dog," Kamini said. Kashish and Kanchi were taken to a nearby hospital.

While Kashish suffered cuts and bruises, Kanchi escaped unhurt. The doctors gave them both antibiotic injections as precautionary measure and sent them home. Kashish said, "All I wanted was to keep my sister safe and I am happy that she is unhurt. Had it been anyone else in place of my sister, I would have done the same." Meanwhile, the society members have issued a notice to Pasi and asked him to remove the canine from the society within 15 days. Pasi told Mirror, "Sheru has been with us for about a year and my family members love him. But I was horrified when I saw the footage of Sheru attacking the kids. My family has discussed the attack and has decided that we will send him away soon."

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