You are at Confirmed IAS Is Not True on Jagan!

Confirmed IAS Is Not True on Jagan!

Union Government was completed division process of Civil Servants of IAS, IPS and IFS to both states and put the details in DOPT website. The list of the officers has not yet sent to the respective states. It took one more month for complete division of Civil Servants. 

Some IAS and IPS officers have changed their option but Prathyusha Committee hadn’t accepted their revised option. Before the elections, most of the Civil servants were assumed that Jagan would form the Government in AP. Adding to their assumptions, some News Channel surveys and IB reports also favor to YSRCP in AP. 

Keeping this in mind and some of the officers took the option to work in Telangana though they are interested in AP. They were recollected bad experience of 8 IAS officers in “quid-quo-pro” cases during late YSR era. This causes fear among other Civil servants and forced to them to go to Telangana. 

All their assumptions and predictions were reversed after the general elections. TDP has come to the power and CBN became the Chief Minister of the state again. Reportedly, some of the Civil servants are worried to take the Telangana option. As per buzz, some of them sent the revised options on May 17th (day after the election results) to Prathyusha committee but committee never considered their revised options. 

Now they are waiting for deputation to work in AP.

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