You are at Smart Cities for Telengana and AP?

Smart Cities for Telengana and AP?

Smart Cities – How many for Telengana and AP?

Smart Cities distribution to the states of Telengana and AP are on progress. In Telengana, Hyderabad and Warangal are on the top places to get the smart city tags. In AP, Vijayawada and Vizag are on the list of the smart cities. “How many smart cities will get finalized for these 2 states?” turned out to be an interesting question.

For AP, Nellore and Tirupathi too were in the list of the smart cities. Anantapur from Rayalaseema region may get into the list in future. In Telengana, KCR has to identify the highly growing regions to raise the smart cities. As of now, KCR is planning to grow all the regions in equal pace.

Modi’s deal of including USA in Vizag city development may help AP government to move ahead in the process. It is a noted fact that Vizag has been on BJP’s radar from the past few months. Now, with this move, people in Vizag may turn towards BJP. If TDP leaves the hand of BJP, it will help the central party to win Vizag in 2019 elections. Hence, BJP is keen on developing Vizag with good pace. Hope, these smart cities grows as the best cities in India.

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