You are at Third Degree Torture to Rapist in Chittor!

Third Degree Torture to Rapist in Chittor!


In an incident in Chittor District, a rapist Shake Babu who is in custody for allegedly raping a minor girl received 3rd degree torture from policemen. For last 10 days he was underwent severe punishment from the police lead by CI Venu Gopal Reddy.

As a result,today he is hospitalized and diagnosis confirmed that his kidneys damaged b'coz of the severe torture he went through.CI faced suspension in this case and rapist Shake Babu currently going through treatment in Chittor swims hospital.

Though it is not right as per law, but for the crime he did its a right punishment. Torturing someone's body and soul without their permission is equally a crime of 3rd degree torture. Rapists deserve this.What Say Guys!!

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