You are at Congress Young Leaders Worst Fight

Congress Young Leaders Worst Fight

Challa Vamsi Chand Reddy, Congress MLA From Kalvakurthy and congress Ex MLA Vishnu Vardhan Reddy went through worst fight and exchanged few bad words in a marriage event at N Convention hall in Madhapur.

It was reported that fight started when Vamsi's gunmen pushed vishnu. Both the leaders used some bad words with each other and pushed away.Vamsi injured slightly in this fight. Madhapur police filed case and investigating the details.

Vishnu told " It is my Bro-in law's marriage that is happening here. i didnt invite vamsi. why does he came here? his gunmen pushed me as vamsi coming to marriage. He threatened me with a gun. how dare he? ".

Also he added, anywhere am ready to get in fight, whether it is mahaboob nagar or hyderabad grounds. 

But the wedding video footage has apparently exposed Vishnuvardhan Reddy. Going by the video leaked to TV channels, Vishnu had pulled Vamsi Chand Reddy when he was on his exit way. In between his gunman intervened. Taken aback, Vishnu hit back at gunman in front of Vamsi and Vamsi embroiled into an argument. The scene swiftly shifted to Madhapur police station and even cops were shocked with this sudden incident and waited as both parties are big-wigs in the city.

Watch: CC TV  Footage Of Vamshi Chand Reddy and Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Fight

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