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Nara Lokesh: TDP Is A Guidebook

Nara Lokesh

TDP Co-ordinator Nara Lokesh slammed TRS Party for copying the welfare plans of 30-plus year old to strengthen cadre base.Lokesh: "TDP is a guidebook for many in party cadre and people welfare. TRS outrightly copied us today in their plenary meeting. Sincere appeal to TRS. Be original with your ideas. Or we can guide you to do so. Stop copying our cadre welfare programs. Be original don't copy TDP".

AP CM's Son alleged that TRS leaders are so busy with their own welfare and they have no time to think for cadre welfare.It was only after TDP offered insurance cover to its cadre, TRS decided to implement the same program to attract more people to take party membership. This gave an opportunity for Lokesh to target TRS on its plenary day.

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