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Anti-social elements involved in violence: Pawan


Jana Sena founder and film actor Pawan Kalyan has asked the Government to do justice to Kapus by conceding their long-pending demand for inclusion in the Backward Classes without harming the interests of the BCs. Mr. Pawan Kalyan said he was pained at the violent incidents that took place in Tuni on Sunday and was of the view that there was involvement of “anti-social elements" in them. “Burning the bogies of a train is not a child's play. It was methodical and I suspect that it was carried out by professionals," he said adding that the Government order a probe into the incident to unearth the facts behind the violence.

The film star turned politician wondered why the Government could not anticipate trouble when scores of agitated people were about to gather at a particular venue. “Why has the Government not taken adequate precautions and deploy police force when such meeting is scheduled? The presence of sufficient number of police might have averted such a situation," he said.

Agitation by the Kapu community for inclusion in the BCs was not new and it had been continuing since last few decades. Kapus were in the list of BC communities till 1956, but were subsequently removed. Coupled with this was the fact that they were treated as BCs in north coastal Andhra and Telangana while they continued to be forward caste in Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. “There is a lot of impatience among the community as it has been waiting for long for restoration in the BCs," he said.

Though the Government had announced constitution of a commission to study the issue and make recommendations, there were apprehensions about the outcome of the panel's report. “The Government should have instilled confidence in the community by holding discussions with its leaders. But it has become a practice for the Government to respond only after the crisis deepens," he said.

Mr. Pawan Kalyan advised the Government not to prolong the uncertainty on the issue as it could lead to sharp differences among the communities. “If the Government is not sure about according the BC status to Kapus, let it explain the situation to the people clearly so that there is no uncertainty," he said.

He advised the political parties and those leading the current agitation to observe restraint instead of issuing provocative statements as it could lead to sensitive situation on the law and order front. “The situation calls for an amicable resolution to the issue, not blame game," he said adding the leaders of the agitations should ensure that they mount pressure on the Government constitutionally without giving scope for violent incidents.

Asked whether he would mediate between the Government and the agitating Kapu community, he said that the constitution had laid down clear guidelines on issues relating to reservation and that the issue should be resolved within the constitutional framework. “Involvement of individuals will amount to constitutional violation," he said. Replying to another query on whether he would suggest some modalities for resolving the stalemate, he said it was not proper on his part to intervene in the day to day affairs of the Government.

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