You are at US Court dismisses Lawsuit against Modi!

US Court dismisses Lawsuit against Modi!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not have to face a US lawsuit claiming he failed to stop 2002 Gujarat riots, a federal judge in New York ruled on Wednesday.

As a result of the allegations, Modi was denied a US visa in 2005, but Obama was quick to invite him to the United States after Modi's election as Prime Minister.

US District Judge Analisa Torres ruled: "Narendra Modi is immune from the jurisdiction of this Court in the lawsuit filed against him. The complaint is dismissed and case will be closed".

Rights group American Justice Centre seeked action against Modi under Torture Victim Protection Act and Alien Tort Statute for the massacre during his term as Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2002. US filed a 'Suggestion of Immunity' in October 2014 allowing immunity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the sitting head of foreign government.

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