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AP Employees Online Transfer Application System


With several complaints related to favouritism and corruption in transfers of government employees surfacing in past few years, AP government has decided to make the process of shuffling of employees transparent. As part of this, the state government, for the first time, has introduced 'Online Employees Transfer System'(OETS).

The government on Wednesday instructed heads of various departments to accept transfer application only through this new system. The new system has three 'login' windows, one for the employee, another for DDO/Establishment Section officer and the third one for the competent authority.

As per guidelines issued by the state government, employees seeking transfers have to log in and fill the details. In fact, the state government had issued orders for relaxation of ban on transfers from June 10 to 20 and had also issued guidelines for transfer of employees.

As per guidelines, no employee will be transferred before completion of three years of service in a particular duty station as on June 1, 2016, and no person will be retained beyond five years of service in a particular station. In case of ITDA areas, minimum mandatory service will be two years, other than for local cadre employees.

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