You are at Fight Between Air India Crew and Kodela

Fight Between Air India Crew and Kodela

AP Speaker lost control on Flight crew

Andhra Pradesh Speaker former Home minister Kodela Shiva Prasad Rao had lost his coolness and had engaged in a spat with Air India staff. When media went into details its revealed that Kodela who was traveling in Air India flight from Hyderabad to Vijayawada had a fall out on crew on board. The fall out came after when crew asked Kodela friend to move to another seat in economic from Business class.

The issue started when former IAS officer Lakshmi Narayana who identified Kodela in the flight had started his chat with him by sitting beside to Kodela. Kodela who is traveling in business class had continued his chat even after crew repeated requests to Lakshmi Narayana who had ticket in economy class. But when crew asked Laksh Narayana he immediately moved to his seat with some reluctance. On move of Lakshmi Narayana had a  strong word with crew. Even he pushed away his food tray to show his angry on this incident. Considering this event crew had filed a complaint with higher authorities.

However Kodela told a different story, He said "I was sitting in Business class but when i saw Lakshmi Narayana in economy class i went their and having a chat with him. I know him very well since two decades when he used to work with Chandrababu.  We had a good relationship, Considering this i went an met with him, But flight crew objected this and asked me to move into business class. Me and Lakshminarayana together moved into business class, But when they are serving snacks they given discourteous response to us. Lakshmi was hurt due to their behavior, he went back to his seat"

Adding to this he told " With their impolite behavior i got hurt. I will not leave this issue here. I will take this matter with Union minister Ashoka gajapathi Raju. Even i lodged a vocal complaint to peshi as soon as i got down in Vijayawada. One person named Hari Preeth called and apologized me. But i will definitely take this matter to higher authorities and will seek explanation from the crew."

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