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Mocktale: Twitter Suspends Kejriwal's Account After Mistaking It For Parody


Micro-blogging website Twitter recently suspended AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal's account after reviewing the tweets and concluding it to be a parody account. "One would expect the Chief Minister of a state to tweet about things such as government policies, educational reforms, welfare schemes, infrastructure, healthcare initiatives etc. But we did not find a single instance of Arvind Kejriwal raising any of these issues in his tweets. That was the first time we suspected that someone is running a parody account in his name," a Twitter employee told our Mocktale reporter.

"Our doubts grew further when we closely examined the tweets sent from Arvind Kejriwal's account. It seems that this man is a huge believer of binary system, for he only tweets about movies and Narendra Modi. You would expect a Chief Minister to have much more important things to talk about, but he comes across as a troll who goes around calling people a coward and a psychopath. We are suspending this Twitter account for inappropriate language and poor taste in movies," the person further explained.

Kejriwal who blames Modi at drop of a muffler once again held PM responsible for suspension of his account. "Everyone knows how dependent we are on social media for survival. We are the first political party to run government on Twitter than Secretariats. Modi ji is scared of our popularity on Twitter" he said. "This is a ploy by Modi to take me off Twitter and force me to do some actual work. But I assure you that I will not let him succeed in his devious plan. He is jealous that I can tweet using the free Wi-Fi service that AAP has installed in Delhi," he added.

Following this, Aam Aadmi Party supporters on Twitter trended #BringBackKejriwal in protest, which led some people to believe that he had once again resigned from the post of Chief Minister. Meanwhile many parody accounts of Kejriwal have decided to deactivate. "Most of the tweets that I come up with I find that he has already tweeted something similar. Many of my followers have started complaining that I am not as funny as him. When original is parodying so well, why are we needed," said a parody account with 1 lakh followers.

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