You are at YS Jagan trashed by the kapu movement leaders

YS Jagan trashed by the kapu movement leaders


As the kapus began movement demanding the AP government to fulfill the poll promise of rendering reservations to their community, government tried to calm down saying the committee they have appointed will study all the details and scope for the same. At this opposition leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy extended his party's support for the movement and put forward the argument that a committee will delay the procedure and only convincing Centre to make amendment will help in the case.

However, now that Mudragada's fasting was called off it looked like Jagan's argument had been dust-binned or trashed by the kapu movement leaders. TDP Ministers tried to convince Mudragada that giving reservations through GO will bring in problems and giving in to the argument by ruling party ministers, Mudragada broke the fast, thus giving no validity to Jagan's point.

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