You are at T-Govt Serious Warning to AP Govt!

T-Govt Serious Warning to AP Govt!

Well, the Telangana government takes on another issue with the AP government to pay the Property Tax. The Telangana Government explains that the AP employees are using the services that are being provided in the common capital so they should be paying the tax for this.

The TS Govt. is demanding the AP employees to pay 95% of professional tax as it is using the resources provided by the GHMC. However, after the bifurcation of the state this tax is being forwarding to the AP government account and nothing to the Telangana Govt.

So, the Telangana govt is demanding a rightful share because the employees are using everything from Telangana alone. When AP was united, in Hyderabad alone there was Rs 300 crore tax collected.

Even the buildings of Govt. AP have to be pay tax is the main demand of the TS. But. what do you think? Is this a genuine recovery of money? The TS government is all set to go to the Centre and get the tax paid.

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