You are at KCR is Ignored By Modi!

KCR is Ignored By Modi!

A ‘Chief Minister’s meeting’ has been convened in New Delhi on the 7th of this month by Narendra Modi.

Modi has recently abolished the Planning Commission. The meeting on the 7th is intended to take the opinions of the CM's of the various states on an alternative to the Planning Commission.

KCR finding the opportunity favorable requested for an appointment with Modi, personally either before or after the meeting to discuss the various problems and disputes of Telangana.

But sources say that the Prime Minister’s office has still not responded to KCR’s request.

Normally, such requests are responded to immediately as a matter of courtesy and protocol.

Either way, a decision is communicated whether positive or negative. But KCR is apparently not in Modi’s good books.

His harsh language against Modi and his defiant attitude towards the Center are definitely not working in favor of the people of Telangana! But then it is this very attitude which catapulted him to power in the first place.

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