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AP CM Naidu's Double Standard Got Revealed Once Again

The revenue deficit of Andhra Pradesh as on date stands at Rs 13,787 crore. With the financial year drawing to a close, the Centre has released AP an amount of: Rs 1535 crore. Of this Rs.500 crore is towards revenue deficit compensation, Rs.200 crore towards Polavaram reimbursement, Rs.200 crore for capital city, Rs.360 crore for drought relief, and Rs.275 crore under MGNREGS.

The TDP leaders in the recent Assembly stated that the Central Government funds are very meagre. Indirectly, the leaders are of the opinion that the development of the state is not possible with these funds. CM Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP leaders are finding faullt with the Central Government for releasing very less funds to the state.

Now, What is CM Chandrababu Naidu doing in the state? Is he allocating sufficient funds to the development of the constituencies in which YCP members won? No.By the defections, it seems he is looking to develop the constituencies in which TDP won. The YCP MLAs who got attracted by the TDP ruling party are saying that they are joining the party for the development of their constituency.

Indirectly, they are saying that their constituency will be developed only if they join the ruling party. If they are in the opposition party, the Government will not develop their constituencies. If the centre does not allocate sufficient funds, these leaders find fault with them. But, here, within the state, he can do the same. This is double standard.

The double standard attitude of CM Chandrababu got revealed when the TDP attracted YCP MLAs in AP state. CM found fault with KCR when they attracted TTDP MLAs into TRS. But, here, he can do the same.

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