You are at Chandra Babu Singapore tour for Farmers!

Chandra Babu Singapore tour for Farmers!

Faced with reluctance since many farmers from the 17 mandals in Guntur district are not that keen for parting with their land for new capital, Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu is reportedly planning to send them to Singapore.

This is being planned as they would be convinced over the benefits of development and change their mind. Authorities are reportedly saying that those farmers who are not that satisfied with the government package are now being targeted with this special offer.

The state government is organizing a trip to send a team of sarpanches and other grassroot level functionaries for a study tour to Singapore soon. The AP Government hopes that once they see directly how developed the city-state is, they would feel inspired to part with their land.

This would then inspire similar development in their villages. The land pooling is indeed a challenge but if it is happening at the cost of an ecological disaster then it is not advisable. Let us wish Naidu takes sensible measures in ensuring the environment doesn’t get affected in this process.

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