You are at Bjp's man has a bath in congress' spilled milk

Bjp's man has a bath in congress' spilled milk


The Photo of a councillor having a bath in, of all things, milk lit up the internet today. In the Photo, the now immortal Kishor Shet is being dunked in milk by his supporters for winning a seat for the BJP-supported municipal panel. The Congress responded strongly, though crying over spilt milk, harping on Rahul Gandhi`s Suit-Boot ki sarkar charge .

Today, only BJP leaders can afford a milk bath. The common man finds it difficult to even buy milk. We cannot afford public representatives wasting milk at a time when people are suffering due to high food prices," Congress spokesperson Sunil Kawthankar said on Monday. BJP state vice president Wilfred Mesquita has defended the act, "He (Shet) has said he was following a custom to appease the gods. We are yet to know whether god was really appeased by his act or not."

Shet responded by saying that his supporters were only observing the Indian Dudh Abhishek custom.

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