You are at Malala Peace Rally in India!

Malala Peace Rally in India!

Pakistan Girl's Peace Rally In India?

The relations between India and Pakistan have always been like a cracker near the fire. While skirmishes and tensions are on at the border, on the other side, many efforts keep happening to build the rapport and trust. Now, our sources from Delhi have leaked a highly confidential news.

Well, if all goes well, the Nobel peace prize winner and peace activist from Pakistan, Malala Yousufzai is planning to hold a peace rally in India. Even our government is also planning to invite her and they strongly believe it would promote India-Pakistan peace process.

The agenda is to focus through Malala's peace rally and her speeches that today's children are tomorrow's citizens and how they should be advocates of peace. Reports also reveal even Malala is also positive. Though nothing official has been announced, inside news is coming strongly that very soon something concrete would be revealed from the government's end. If this happens it would be a very significant moment in Indo-Pak history.

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