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AP Revenue Better Than Telangana

Shocker:AP earns more revenue than TS

Before state bifurcation much is being touted about the share of Hyderabad in the state revenues. The Seemandhra lot wants a share of it but the UPA governemt refused to offer revenue share  of Hyderabad to residuary AP.
With the state bifurcation many assumed that Andhra Pradesh has been put at a great disadvantage in terms of finance and revenur.As Hyderabad revenue was completely given to Telanagana state it looks the assumption will come true.
But here comes shocking news which may surprised all. State of Andhra Pradesh is earning more revenue than its neighboring Telangana.Chandrababu conducted meeting with revenue officials of AP and they informed babu  that in the second quarter, AP earned more revenues than Telangana state.
Chandrabau reportedly felt happy by knowing this and he asked officials to findout more revenue generating ways  in the state.As per sources  AP’s revenue mix the maximum tax of Rs 600 crore came from petroleum goods. The revenue from excise VAT came to Rs 500 crore. In Telangana petroleum and excise duties contributed Rs 500 crore and Rs 400 crore respectively.

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