You are at Press Council of India Warning to KCR!

Press Council of India Warning to KCR!

PCI report shocked KCR

Its known that Telangana MSO’S officially banned some of the media channels in telangana and many blamed KCR forencouraging them to do do.Now the war between media and Telangana Chief Minister takes new turn.

Few days before KCR’s outrageous comments against the journalists sparked off a massive debate across the country fuelling the criticism towards the CM. The CM  made very derogatory comments saying he would break the necks of journalists and bury them 10 kilometers under the ground.

Press council of India has taken this issue very serious and commissioned a three member committee to investigate the matter.The committee panel conducted a public hearing at Haritha hotel in Hyderabad and recorded the voice of Journalists, senior journalists and editors.Most of them have faulted the remarks made by CM KCR

Now the committee formed by Press Council of India has submitted its complete report. The committee in its report expressed deep concern on KCR comments and it demands  that CM KCR should with draw his comments on media .The committee asked KCR to restrain himself from making provocative statements against journalists.

The Committee said that by making these statements from a public platform, the Telangana Chief Minister had violated the letter and spirit of Article 19 (1)(a)(e)and(g) which pertain to freedom of speech and expression, freedom to reside and settle in any part of India and practice any profession.

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