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Two-Bedroom Scheme To Backfire On KCR?

Political parties should not generate high expectations among voters by making tall promises. If they make, they have to implement it with letter and spirit once they come to power. Otherwise, the same promises might prove counter-productive for them in the subsequent elections.

The two-bedroom scheme, launched with a lot of fanfare by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi government headed by K Chandrasekhar Rao, has brought him a lot of mileage in the recent GHMC elections. But the same scheme is turning out be a huge burden on his government making it virtually impossible for him to fulfil in the coming days.

One can witness heavy rush of applicants at the Collectorates, Mee Seva Centres, mandal and zilla parishad offices across Telangana. The applications have already run into lakhs and the officials are breaking their heads on how to overcome this overwhelming demand.

The government needs thousands of crores to construct double-bedroom houses, if the demands have to be met. If only a few people are given the benefit, it would cause heartburn among the others and that would prove negative to the ruling TRS. Then there would be allegations of corruption and nepotism in the selection of beneficiaries and that would cause huge political damage to the TRS. Let us see, how KCR will overcome this challenge!

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