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Surprising Place On This Planet


A stunning canyon located in Utah state, USA, it is a picture perfect destination where you can head to the Upper Kanarra falls located at Kannarra Creek, which can be reached through hiking for some times. Kanarra Creek is a great destination in USA for those tourists visiting Southern Utah in search of an ideal multi-hued slot canyon which are carved naturally by wind, water and time. Kanarra Creek is a right destination while the hike is perfect stop for the amateur as well as professional photographers.

Hikers start their journey from the town of Kanarraville close to the Zion National Park boundaries. This travel up the creek involves following a pristine and gentle flowing creek bed.

The average hiking time takes 4 hours. Some tourists also choose river hiking but again the water can be chest deep or much deeper and quite cold.

There are no permits required as the Kanarra Creek is outside Zion National Park boundaries, but town might be charging various fees. It is important to check the weather before heading into such slot canyons. One storm far off is enough to trigger a flash flood in the canyons. The ideal season to visit is the summer when the water is warmer. It is located nearly 5.5 miles south of Cedar City.

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