You are at Top Heroine Dealing With Nayeem!!

Top Heroine Dealing With Nayeem!!

Ever since Nayeemuddin aka Nayeem, the notorious gangster in the Telugu states, was encountered by police, several interesting details about his connections with politicians and film celebrities are unfurling.

While the politicians of the two Telugu states are already indulged in blame game of association with Nayeem, an interesting piece of info has come out now. It is heard from sources in Film Nagar that a top actress was also Nayeem's customer.

Few years ago, a top actress, who had worked in several southern films, bought a house in Jubilee Hills. When she had found herself in legal entanglement, she is heard to have approached a TS minister to solve her issue. Nayeem, who had found out this issue using his contacts, entered the scene claiming to solve the problem of the actress.

Ever since then, Nayeem had started torturing her claiming he liked her. He even had offered her an unlimited sum if she would cooperate with him. Vexed with his advances, the top actress shifted out of Hyderabad.

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