You are at US President Replied to 9 yr girl Letter

US President Replied to 9 yr girl Letter

9 year old girl shocking letter to Obama

A 9-year-old girl turned as sudden celebrity in USA after she received a reply from president Obama for her letter. The girl wrote letter to Obama last year.In her letter to Obama, Sofia questioned why US currency didn't feature women at all

''Why don't women have coins or dollar bills with their faces on it? I think there should be more woman on a dollar/coin for the United States because if there were no woman there wouldn't be men," she wrote. She added that there are many women that deserve to be featured on U.S. currency because of the "important things" they've done.

Sofia's letter written last year did not receive any response for a long time from the White House. Now after a long time she heard back from the president regarding her request

Last month, Sofia finally got a personalized letter back from the President, along with an invitation to attend this year's White House Easter Egg Roll. The President lauded Sofia for her letter and her thoughts. He encouraged her to study further and make a difference to the lives of people through her work and actions.

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