You are at Ugly Fight Over Chakri's Death

Ugly Fight Over Chakri's Death

Chakri’s mother suspects Sravani hand behind son’s death

Its known that Chakri’s wife Gilla Sravani approached police by expressing doubts about his husband’s death.In her complaint Sravani suspects that there is a possibility of "poisoning" on Chakri on Dec 14th night.Sravani lodged complaint against 9 members including Chakri's mother Vidyavati, brother Mahath with Jubilee Hills police on Saturday.

Now here comes sudden twist in the tale.Chakri’s mother G Vidyavathi lodged a complaint against Chakri's wife Sravani at the Jubilee Hills police station today. In her complaint to the police, Vidyavathi suspected foul play in Chakri's death and expressed suspicion on Sravani.

Vidyavathi  said that she has many doubts on her son’s death and expressed suspicion on her in law. She said his food may have been poisoned. Vidyavathi said that Sravani herself called them and said that she killed Chakri.She asked police to check the call data of Sravani.

Vidyavathi said that Sravani did not allow them to file a medico legal case and even not allowed for the  post-mortem.She further added that they involved in brawl with Sravani twenty days before chakri’s death and come out of the house after she threatens to kill Chakri.She feared that their family having threat from Sravani’s family members.A case has been booked on them under sections 498 and 506 under Indian Penal Code.

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