You are at Swine Flu-H1N1 Virus Kills 3 People In Hyderabad!

Swine Flu-H1N1 Virus Kills 3 People In Hyderabad!

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Three persons died of swine flu in the city on Wednesday morning have set off alarm bells in the city(hyderabad).

Telangana health department officials said a 30-year-old man from Padmavathi Colony in Uppal, a 25-year old woman from Jeedimetla and a 55-year-old man from Siddipet in Medak district died due to swine flu attack.

While the first two deaths were reported at the state-run Gandhi Hospital here, the third patient died in an ambulance while being shifted to Gandhi.

H1N1 virus requires proper treatment. If the patient has got severe cough, cold, throat pain, body pains, high fever and some times vomitings, loose motions(Diarrhoea), than it is very important to get the H1N1 test done early.

H1N1 virus-Swine flu is not deadly disease if detected early. vaccinations are there and can be treated.

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