You are at Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary faces threats

Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary faces threats


Though there are no water reserves at present in the Kolleru Lake, the Krishna and Godavari deltas may face a severe inundation threat like the recent Chennai floods in the future thanks to encroachments. With the lake having no inflows, its water will turn salty. Meanwhile, the government has also not fulfilled its plan to fill the Kolleru Lake on priority basis with Godavari waters through the Pattiseema project.

Recently, an experts committee was shocked to find that the lake did not have water. If the situation continues, the lake will become a salt water lake due to waters coming in from Upputeru and the sea. According to reports, the state government had announced Kolleru as its first priority by pumping in water from Godavari River through Pattiseema. However low water levels in Godavari and the incomplete Pattiseema works have not allowed to government to go ahead with its plan.

Supply of water to Kolleru Lake from Pattiseema would be most useful for protecting the structure of the lake and also the environment balance, said former drainage board member and Krishna Delta Rytanga Samakhya president, Mr Yerneni Nagendranath. He added that the only inflow into the lake has been from the sea and Upputeru for the last several years as there is a lack of water reserves in the Krishna delta. It is a very dangerous sign and the whole lake would turn into a salt lake and farmers would not be able to cultivate fish.

Meanwhile farmers are also diverting Kolleru water to fishponds and for aqua culture purpose. After completion of the cultivation, some of the farmers are releasing the wastewater back into the lake, resulting in widespread pollution. Central committee member of the National Board of Wildlife, Mr Vashishta, has also asked the district administration how Kolleru could survive when water was being diverted for agricultural purposes.

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