You are at GHMC Following TS Govt Footsteps

GHMC Following TS Govt Footsteps


The GHMC appears to be closely following in the footsteps of the State government. Just as the State government had committed gross irregularity by providing exactly the same figures for the Budget Estimates (BE) as well as the Revised Estimates (RE) for the financial year 2014-15, the GHMC has also done the same mistake. According to the draft budget 2014-15 prepared by the GHMC, the BE and the RE have been pegged at Rs 4,599 crore.

It may be recalled that as RE figures can never be exactly similar to BE in a particular year, the issue had raked up a political controversy, and Finance Minister Eetela Rajender had to accept that it was a mistake and assure the Assembly that he would come up with correct revised estimates before the budget session ended. But, he failed to keep his word.

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