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Why Pawan Kalyan isn't Reacting?:Shivaji

AP Pratyeka Hoda Sadana Samakya chief & Hero Shivaji made few interesting remarks against Pawan Kalyan during Today's bandh in Vijayawada. Speaking to media persons, Shivaji said: "Never did I want to criticize Pawan Kalyan. He is capable of mounting pressure on the Centre and he will do it when he decided to go ahead. From Today, I will no more request Pawan Kalyan and I have nothing to gain from it. But, He can do it! Why he isn't reacting? I am leaving it to his conscious".

Shivaji opined Special Package will be of no use to the people and only leaders & contractors would get benefitted from it. "All we want is Special Category Status, only then Industries will be set up here and employment opportunities will grow. We are okay if there is no package, but give us Tax Benefit, Customs Benefit and Income Tax Benefit. Let it be only for 5 years, we aren't even asking for anything more."

The Actor warned Union Ministers who are bringing the issue of UPA Government not including Special Status in AP Reorganisation Act 2014 to divert the issue not to play with the lives of people. Reacting to the criticism, Shivaji made it clear that he neither have plans to grow as a leader nor aspiring for any posts. "I would be the first person to immolate myself if it could get Special Status. I appeal people not to take extreme steps," he responded on Muni Koti's suicide.

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