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Capital construction cost inflated for TDP kickbacks : Botsa alleges

YSR Congress alleged that the TDP government resorted to rigging the tenders in the finalization of developer for the construction of temporary government complex at Amaravati capital region. The government had inflated the basic price and the differential amount was going to the political bosses as kickbacks, party senior leader and spokesperson Botsa Satyanarayana alleged.

He demanded the TDP government to make available in public domain the methodology followed in arriving at the rate per square foot construction in the capital area and why only two of old guards had alone been short listed. 'TDP has been treating the capital building as a private commercial enterprise meant to benefit its coterie and diverting public money to the cartel of its favoured few,'he alleged.

According to Botsa, the state had inflated the estimate for development of one square foot to Rs 3,350 which was on the higher side by 18 % compared to the earlier estimate of Rs 2,000. “The difference is going as kickbacks,” Botsa alleged. “How can only two companies, which were associated with TDP for a long time, bid for the project. Government owes explanation to the public”, he said.

'We demand that the details of the tender process and the calculations used to estimate the cost of development should be placed in public domain to ensure transparency in construction of capital,' he said. Knowing well the ability of TDP government in manipulating the figures, centre released pittance as drought relief while being generous in the case of all other state, he said.

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