You are at Revanth's irrelevant Logic!

Revanth's irrelevant Logic!

TTDP leader Revanth Reddy shocked journalists with his shocking answer on one of the journalist question. KCR who slammed Revanth indirectly in yesterday sessions triggered Revanth to take counter on KCR. Considering this Revanth arranged a press conference at NTR Bhavan shocked journalists.

When media asked Revanth as "Revanth you also TRS leader right , you was in TRS for some time". Revanth who took this question enthusiastically given a brief explanation.  He said " I am not a TRS guy any more.  I am always TDP leader. i will tell one story to you guys. If you are travelling to Delhi you might take halts in several cities. that doesn't mean every city your destination. In the same way i was in TRS that does not mean i am TRS guy. Its just halt place for me. I always feel as TDP leader". With Revanth comments Journalists are existed from the conference with shock.

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