You are at Prime Minister assets fall by Rs 40 lakhs

Prime Minister assets fall by Rs 40 lakhs

As per the details mentioned in PMO Website regarding assets and liabilities of Union Ministers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's has assets worth Rs 1.26 crore which is Rs 40 lakhs less than the amount mentioned in election affidavit.

Modi Assets: House in Gandhinagar (Gujarat): Rs 1 crore; Cash: Rs 36,700; Bank Balance: Rs 1,32,698; Deposits: Rs 17,00,927; Bonds: Rs 20,000; NSC: Rs 2,35,000; Insurance Policies: Rs 1,99,031; Jewellery: Rs 1,20,980.

Apparently, Modi donated Rs 21 lakhs towards financial assistance to daughters of Government Staff including drivers soon after becoming Prime Minister of the country. Even Modi's other investments didn't see any growth, Hence the down fall.

As per PMO, About 64 people have been working as Modi's personal staff. This count is very less compared to other Prime Ministers.

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