You are at World’s Richest Terror group Identified!

World’s Richest Terror group Identified!

World’s Richest Terror group

We know about the World’s richest person and world’s richest organization. But had you ever come across about World’s richest Terror group?

Here are the details about the world’s richest terror group. As per the US intelligence officials and experts ISIS is the wealthiest terrorist organization. As per the sources  ISIS is earning more than $3m a day and they  are making this money through oil smuggling, extortion, theft and human trafficking.As per the sources the terror outfit which is posing threat to USA  makes $ 1 million per day from crude oil from oil fields it captured from Syria and Iraq.

After learning this US is now considering bombing pipelines in Syria in an attempt to cut off the huge profits being made by Isis from captured oilfield.ISIS also using its wealth to develop an Internet presence.The organization posting  brutal execution videos and photos to its website.

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