You are at TDP All set for Smother Discussions ON State Cap...

TDP All set for Smother Discussions ON State Capital

TDP wants to avoide discussion in the house .Chandrababu goes whole hog to please realty lobby

Why was the announcement on the likely site of the new state capital deferred? While the ostensible reason is that Chandrababu did not want to make a statement on Ashtami day, considered inauspicious.However, analysts feel there's more to the postponement than meets the eye.

According to TDP sources, Chief Minister Chandrababu will make a statement on September 4. The Assembly session will end on September 6. In between, the State assembly has to pass the budget. This only means that the house would be left with very litte or no time to debate the state capital issue.

Chandrababu deferred the Tuesday announcement only to avoid a debate in the house in view of teh YSRCP's adjournment motion on the issue as Chandrababu has indicated in as many words that the government could bypass Sivaramakrishnan Committee. The TDP postponed the debate only to avoid a difficult situation.

Chandrababu and the State Cabinet's decision to set up the capital in the Vijayawada-Guntur belt regardless of the committee recommendation is being seen as a blatant attempt to favour pro-TDP land lobby.

Even within the TDP, there are murmurs over the haste in deciding on the capital site. TDP leaders from Vizag and Rayalaseema are unhappy over the unilateral decision. Deputy CM KE Krishna Murthy too is unhappy. He has even refused to be part of the cabinet sub-committee on state capital.

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